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January 16, 2018

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November 3, 2017

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10 Signs you're an Alpha

June 22, 2017


1. Natural Leadership


Whether it’s heading a project at work or deciding where to have drinks with friends, people automatically look to you to take the lead and make decisions. You are a figure of authority in your circles whose easy confidence, willpower, and determination garner the respect and attention of those around you with no conscious effort.


2. Ambitious & Achievement Driven


You know exactly what you want out of life and are not afraid to charge forward in the pursuit of it. You are unapologetic about your goals and can often be exceptionally stubborn when your mind is set to something. You are action-oriented, assertive, and generally have a plan for this week, next month, and the following three years.


3. Independent


Not only are you not afraid to be alone, you relish it! Unlike many, you have no problem cutting people out of your life that do not support your personal beliefs and dreams. You have strong convictions that propel you without the need for others’ approval. You value your sense of freedom above all else.


4. Love of Change


You crave change while most fear it. You find routine restrictive and oppressive. You need variation, often in big ways (like starting your own company or moving to another country), to feel alive. It’s the constant challenge of having to evolve that keeps you sharp and invigorated. This sometimes makes you unpredictable and drawn to taking risks.


5. Wise


Though wisdom comes with time, a true Alpha knows that the success of the whole is always greater than the one. You go out of your way to support, encourage, and provide for your group. Your ongoing quest for knowledge has shown you that there is much to learn from others and that letting someone else shine does not diminish your own light. Your capacity to love wholly and completely, beginning with yourself, is the foundation of your compassion.


6. Balanced


While balance may not always come easily to you, as you tend to be heavily career-minded or immersed in social activities, it is important to you to take care of mind, body, and soul and maintain a healthy work/life ratio. You love to learn and take pride in developing all areas of your life by trying new things and acquiring different skills.


7. Non-Conformist


Social norms do not define your life. You are not the type to follow fashion trends or contemporary modes of thought if they do not specifically appeal to you. You have your own opinions about everything and are not easily swayed from them. This can sometimes result in you being misunderstood as others try to fit you into a mold that you were made for breaking.


8. How You Handle Hardships


You have a strong belief that life’s difficulties are meant to further refine who you are. You pass quickly through the negative aspect of tough times and rejoice in the opportunity to add new depths and dimension to your character. You view obstacles, not as road blocks, but as rungs to the next level.


9. Lack of Jealousy


In relationships you have enough sense of self to avoid petty jealousy. Trust and respect are paramount to you and if you truly feel that those are violated you simply walk away from the situation. The freedom that you aspire to takes time with a partner, but you believe in it and won’t settle for anything less long-term. When it comes down to other people, you don’t make comparisons. You believe that the only valuable competition is the one with who you were yesterday.


10. Integrity


Honor, honesty, and trustworthiness are the pillars upon which you construct your identity. You are fervent in your adherence to your ideas of fairness and your personal moral code (though that may differ from society’s). You place great weight on the words you speak, the intentions you hold in your heart, and the actions you take. Once your respect has been earned, you are vehemently loyal. This intensity is one of your trademarks. Above all, you want to be a good person and recognize that being Alpha in relation to others is not about being superior, but rather about being responsible.

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